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released August 20, 2011

Dalton Evans - Guitar
Jake Morris - Guitar/Vocals
Carter Seaton - Vocals
Joe Harris - Bass/Vocals
Brett Sibley - Drums

Engineered, Produced, Mixed and Mastered by: Joel Lauver and Eli Larch Chastain at Burning Bridge Recordings in Nashville, TN
Additional vocals on "Hell Pt. 2: Instinct" by Joel Lauver
Additional guitar on "December" by Eli Larch Chastain
Cover photo by Nash Hamilton Hott
Album artwork by Tom Philibeck



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STONE THROATS Indianapolis, Indiana

Dalton Evans - Guitar
Jake Morris - Lead Vocals/Guitar
Chris Parient - Bass/Vocals
Brett Sibley - Drums/Vocals

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Track Name: Alone
I've never felt this kind of fear before/Falling further than I've ever fallen/This light that guides me has now dimmed/Fear has taken everything from me/I used to fear you/But now I just fear myself/I used to hate you/Reality is as clear as it seems/Ghosts from my past haunt my dreams/You left with me nothing/Now I'll die alone
Track Name: Running Scared
There's nothing more that I hate than a liar who doesn't know their place/I won't tell you anything/Moving forward/Never looking back/I won't tell you anything/I'm sick of running in circles/The answers I couldn't find/When everything comes crashing/I'll be the last one left/The sole survivor/Who will see you to your end
Track Name: Idols
I haven't found a reason to keep you alive/I've been beat to a bloody pulp/I decide my life/May the hounds of hell eat your rotting soul/Your unanswered prayers can't save you/There are no idols left today/There is no one left to believe
Track Name: Darkest Days
I've never drifted so far from the light / The darkest days are upon us / For what it's worth, I don't give a shit / And I've never felt so blessed / Don't preach your peace to me because I make changes with ways of violence / My misery has swallowed everything good in me / And taken my last breath / No one owes me anything / I lost hope in a better life / I've stabbed me in the back / I hate the victim / And the victim is me / And now its time for the victim to pay / When I'm gone / All I ask is for you to forget me / Because I know I will forget everyone I've known
Track Name: The Collector
The things I desire will destroy me in the end/I traded my soul to watch you die/I can't feel a thing/Burned alive/Do you want to serve?/Or to be kept alive?
Track Name: Like A Ghost
I've sat in silence waiting for the end of this world/Waiting but the end never comes/No one was ever there when I needed them most/Death is slowly catching up to you/It's coming like a ghost/I'm fading away/All I ask is for a light in this darkness/I will hang your carcass like a trophy for the end of your days/Forever endless/I am putrid/I am worthless/Yearning to be forsaken/I no longer belong here/I will venture out far away from here never to return again
Track Name: Hell Pt. 1: Arrival
The gates of Hell have opened up / I can feel death breathing down my neck / I was born to always die alone / Embrace your inner villain now / Your god can't save you from me / And in the end, no one can save you from the hole that you've dug / For the sins of you all, you'll reap what you sow
Track Name: Hell Pt. 2: Instinct
I've walked with the demons/I've talked with the devils/I've seen the pit of darkness/I've felt the wrath of hell/You've made my blood boil/and my skin crawl/The sounds of pain have eclipsed my soul/And left me with an empty heart of sorrow/You can't love me/With a black heart/You can't judge me/With a dead mind/You can't find me/When you're blind/You've come to the place you feared more/You've become the person you've feared most/Your soul will feast on the blood of the fallen/Find a new place amongst the dead/You can't escape/You'll never escape the rings of hell
Track Name: Hell Pt. 3: Justification
I didn't look for god/and hell found me/Calling out my name so loud/Don't preach your peace/Because I make changes with violence/Nothing felt more right/Than being set free/Free from all I've always known/I've dreampt of this day/Being set free/Your cries mean/Nothing to me/This is a conflict between good and evil/I've had my final resting place in sight/There was no struggle/There was no fight
Track Name: Hell Pt. 4: Acceptance
I have searched this empty home / For the answers I couldn't find / Give this ghost a home to lay and rest / Broken / Beat / Defeated / I will lay / My head down / With every breath I can feel your soul slip away / I will no rest until I get what I want / You always knew this day was coming / This persistence has led to resistance to your gracious ways
Track Name: December
Trapped from December/Holding little thought between my hands/When to surrender/The only thoughts within my head/Cast down from father/My hands just aren't as strong/Crawling out from under/The dead welcome me back home/Drowning in my selfishness/Obtaining my last breath/Before I let go of myself/I wish the worst to come of this/I watch as my life rots away/Digging myself deeper in this hole/I can only remember/What it was like to have a home/I recall my aspirations/Not of the fallen man I am/But of someone selfless/I have nothing to show for myself/Nothing to hand the world/Filled with regret/These scars mean nothing to me/I can walk away now/I can't erase this/I can't escape this/I can't find a way out/I can't save myself now/This is over/I am over and gone